Linux or Windows VPS Hosting: Which Should You Use?


Linux-hosted websites feature the open-source OS, which typically requires less maintenance since the hosting company manages all upgrades and patches. Linux-runs are often faster, more secure, and more reliable. 

In addition, Linux-hosted websites are more affordable than their Windows counterparts.

Because it is free and provides freedom, alternatives, and customisation for user and server capabilities, Linux VPS is one of the most popular operating systems among many web hosting providers and internet users. 

Additionally, it offers a better alternative to Windows’ constrained environment.

Services for hosting that run on Linux are less expensive than those that run on Windows, in particular. It is essential to examine the benefits and drawbacks of each hosting service before deciding because recent changes have leveled the playing field for each of them.

Benefits of Linux VPS Hosting

One of the most equitable and economical options is Linux hosting, which offers adaptability and the use of open-source programs like Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Over time, Linux has earned a reputation for dependability and security.

Being adaptable is highly valued in the modern technological world since it helps one stay relevant in an ever-changing, cutthroat environment. Compared to a Windows platform, the security settings on the Linux server are quite strong and sophisticated. Linux hosting is adaptable since it is compatible with databases.

Web Hosting on Linux

If you want to create a website, a web hosting package should include a range of services. The following criteria should be considered: bandwidth, domain, and affordability. Domains are necessary for maintaining a credible website on the internet. 

As the site develops and grows, bandwidth needs to increase along with the volume of content and features. Several companies on the market offer hosting services for Windows and Linux. Linux web hosting is the best and most economical choice due to its lack of restrictions and greater scalability.

However, efficient online marketing calls for a careful assessment of the business’s short- and long-term requirements. You can pick a cheap Linux hosting package, but be sure it has all the capabilities you’ll need in the future. Additional components like software and web-mail become more important as websites improve and grow.

Why is Linux OS and Hosting Popular?

Linux is the most often used operating system for web hosting businesses. Linux, which offers an amazing diversity of options, can be customised by the host, and is extensively used, is supported by over 70% of web servers worldwide. 

Small businesses often prefer Linux hosting over Windows hosting due to its lower cost, higher power, and accessibility to user-friendly software. Other elements that affect hosts’ choices include:

  • Strong Security Built-In: Linux is famous for having powerful security measures.
  • Basic Plans: Offers clients a selection of budget-friendly packages that include FTP access, CGI scripting, MySQL services, email services, and SSH access.
  • Fewer Bugs: Linux is renowned for its resistance to attack by viruses and malware.
  • Simple Administration: Offers one-click program installation without the need for further software tools.
  • Technical Support: The dependable online communities, documentation, and technical support services offered by Linux are well-known.
  • Less Expensive: Has far reduced initial setup, software, and recurring monthly operating costs.

Linux is often less expensive because it is an open-source platform and does not require license fees to run on a server (or a computer, for that matter). There is little doubt that this reduces the overhead for hosting companies.

A lot of hosting companies also support and finance Linux. These investments have allowed hosting firms to focus their efforts on just one platform, which has greatly enhanced tech support and customer satisfaction.

Administrators and developers can become Linux experts with the help of a certification program offered by the Linux Foundation, improving user experience with knowledgeable IT staff.

Linux Hosting Vs. Windows Hosting: Differences

Understanding the differences between Linux and Windows, two different operating systems, is crucial when choosing a web hosting plan. Linux and Windows both employ a variety of scripting and database languages. Windows hosting can be the logical choice if you know in advance that you’ll require specific Windows or Office software connected to your website.


Both platforms employ HTML files and read them in the same way. If your website is static and made of HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript, you can host it on Linux or Windows. What is the final word on the hosting company you should choose?

If your website uses PHP and MySQL, Linux is the best option. If your website employs scripts such as, ASP, SQL, or Access, Windows VPS hosting in the UK is your best choice.

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