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DirectAdminDirectAdmin one of the well known web-based control panel designed for web hosers, system admins and developers to manage web hosting server and other server tasks, it is quite similar but simpler to cPanel. We provide free DirectAdmin license with each dedicated server.

DirectAdmin Features for Users

E-Mail Menu
Create POP and IMAP accounts, manage email addresses and aliases, email forwarders, autoresponders. web based email interface. copmatable with email clients like outlook or Thunderbird.
Manage DNS domains and records.
FTP Menu
Manage FTP, and SFTP acounts. Web-based FTP client included.
Users can view all key hosting and server statistics, such as request traffic, query speed, response time, performance, and bandwidth usage. The stats module also integrates with Webalizer.
Llist, create, delete, and get statistics on subdomains.
File Manager
A file interface similar to Windows Explorer , upload and manage files without having to use an FTP client.
MySQL Database Manager
Create and manage MySQL databases, including user management and querying.
Site Backup
Back up an entire hosting plan’s files and configuration, and restore at a granular level.

Error Pages Account-wide, user-defined custom error pages for 40x and 50x errors.

Advanced Tools
SSL certificate management, PHPinfo, cron job management, MIME type permissions, apache handlers, site redirection, and domain pointers.

Direct Admin Features for Resellers

  • Account Management
  • Predefined, customized deployment packages
  • Complete view of Usage statistics, sortable by user account
  • User Messaging, including messages to all users through the ticketing support system
  • Customizable skins and theming
  • IP address management and assignment
  • Personalized name servers

Direct Admin Features for Hosting Administrators

  • Manage multiple admins and resellers
  • Customized reseller packaging to predefine sets of enabled features and configuration options.
  • User lists.
  • DNS management, including record editing for any DNS record stored on the system
  • IP Address management and allocation
  • Detail system services statistics and management.
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