3 Important Tips in Improving Business Server Security

3 Important Tips in Improving Business Server Security

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In the previous year, cyber attacks on businesses have become more frequent as statistics show a 600 per cent increase in cybercrime due to the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the industry’s current structure prompting people to work remotely increases the likelihood of many company employees falling victim to cyber scams and attacks.

With that said, it is evident that business owners must remain vigilant in ensuring their data and server are protected and secured. As cybercriminals and hackers continue to find new methods to exploit vulnerabilities, it is essential to always look for other ways to improve the server security of your company.

So without further ado, here are three helpful tips for securing your server from unwanted threats and attacks online.

1. Keep Your Software Program Up-To-Date

Unbeknownst to many, software updates contain security enhancement and vulnerability repair features that keep upgraded malware at bay. Yes, you’ve read that right. Malware programs also receive updates as cybercriminals tend to research vulnerabilities of outdated software programs.

Without installing updates, you’re putting your server at risk of cyberattacks. Furthermore, according to GDPR, security lapses due to outdated software programs may raise compliance issues. Thus, you’d have to face a hefty fine due to negligence.

2. Install Antimalware and Antivirus Programs

Antimalware and antivirus programs help prevent malware attacks by scanning all incoming data to prevent malware from infecting a computer. Furthermore, they can also detect advanced forms of malware and ransomware, giving you added protection against cyber attacks.

They are also pretty valuable for mitigating risks due to unintentional employee error. Because as many people are aware, human error is the main contributing factor to 95 per cent of security and data breaches worldwide. Thus, it would be helpful to have these programs to reduce the likelihood of malware, ransomware and viruses damaging your computers.

3. Backup Data on Your Server at All Times

Don’t get us wrong; it is essential to put preventive measures that offer protection and security to fend off undesirable incidents. However, it is equally as important to establish a backup plan that will allow you to retrieve and recover your data in the probable eventuality of suffering from a cyber attack.

It is critical not to neglect storing encrypted backups of sensitive data and information as this is a form of risk management. You can do this manually, but you can also opt for automated backup services to ease the burdensome task of doing everything yourself. In addition to this, it is also crucial to conduct safety checks that will ensure that the backup system is working correctly and data recovery is proceeding smoothly.


Having strong server security helps protect your company from possible data breaches and numerous attacks. With a comprehensive protection plan in place, you can ensure that your business will not suffer from downtimes and losses due to cybercrime. And if it’s possible, it would be helpful to switch to UK dedicated servers or virtual private servers instead of sharing with others as this can help you have more control over your company’s security.

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