Elements to Consider Regarding WordPress and VPS Hosting

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Starting up your own site or store online can be a rather exciting yet daunting task. With so many options and things to consider, it’s important to think everything through to pick the best possible choice for your business and where it’s at right now.

Web hosting is something that can greatly affect the online operations of your company, as the site will be under their server and plan after all. Many budding businesses and experienced enterprises have preferences for WordPress hosting and VPS hosting. If you’re in between both options, here’s a list of elements that you should consider when it’s time to decide:

1. CMS

The biggest differentiator between the two is the content management system that they pander to. Some may choose to create, run and develop their websites on WordPress or their store through WooCommerce. It’d make sense to gravitate towards WordPress hosts in that case.

What’s special about VPS hosting is that you can try out multiple CMS rather than being limited to one. Your business can also explore having different domains if that’s what you would wish. It’d be ideal for your company with many sub-businesses under it with room to grow.

2. Guaranteed Uptime

How long your site would be accessible can vary from hosting provider to hosting provider. Many, both in terms of WordPress and VPS, would promise a complete uptime of 100%. Very rarely are they able to fulfil that part of the deal, though.

Seek proof and reviews before you fully commit to a hosting provider. It’s important that you’re able to get a guarantee to ensure that your website is accessible for site visitors at any time and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

3. Page Performance

Page loading speed means a great deal of importance to your website, as some users can’t afford the time or patience to wait. WordPress hosting can do quite well, but it can be easily overwhelmed by the number of users and how much data on the site has to be processed.

Having to deal with too many elements can ultimately slow the loading speed of your website. If you’re interested in changing it, though, VPS hosting is more than capable, thanks to its stronger capabilities and RAM. If you’re eyeing business growth in the near future, VPS may be slightly wiser to get.

4. Server Management

Server management may be something that’s subject to the hosting provider that you end up with rather than whether you end up with WordPress or VPS, just like in regards to the uptime. Do take care in checking out the details provided in the plan that you’re interested in.

Generally, WordPress hosts would provide unlimited bandwidth and plug-ins that might be appealing. VPS also has its own share of features, as well as a comprehensive control panel that allows businesses to oversee and administer whatever’s going on in the site without bounds.


Both WordPress hosting and VPS hosting have their own perks throughout each category. Businesses will have to face quite a hefty decision, which you can seek consultation for if there’s still some uncertainty when scanning the plans.

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