Reliable and Secure Hosting Services powered by the Industry Experts.

BinaryRacks is a UK Based Data Hosting Provider. Our Data Centers provide unmatched performance Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers and Colocation Racks.

Reliable and Secure Hosting Solutions

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Server hosting provides you full control and maximum performance. Customizable hardware specification to meet your hosting needs.
VPS Hosting
VPS hosting keeps infrastructure costs low for new projects and offer greater elasticity. VPS are optimised for best performance at affordable price.
Colocation Racks
Colocation Rack space available to host your own infrastructure equipments. Remote hands and hardware installation service included with all colocation plans.
Public Cloud
Public cloud hosting keep infrastructure costs low for new projects and offer greater elasticity. Simple and efficient Pay As you Go, you pay only for what you use .
High Bandwidth Servers
High Bandwidth Servers is the ideal solution for high traffic services such as video streaming and a demanding high-bandwidth applications.
Multiply Data Centers
We are Providing Data Hosting services in 3 centralised Data Center Locations in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

How BinaryRacks Can Help you?

Quality Hosting
We have a clearly defined strategy focusing on our channel business which means we are adding new products and services to solve a broadening array of challenges presented by our Partners. Executing this strategy translates directly into our ability to help Partners continuously achieve success and profit.
Simplicity and Reliability
Data hosting management costs time and money, and maintenance. Our solutions designed to provide our clients with powerful but simple and reliable service, complete with industry-leading SLAs and state of the art technologies to make sure our infrastructure is sufficiently solid for your solution requirements.
Multiple Data Center Locations
BinaryRacks provides data hosting services at multiple data centers located at centralized points between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
Guaranteed Uptime
Guaranteed 99.99% service uptime. Binary Racks Data Centers rely on our built-in redundancy for power, cooling, physical security, and network connectivity.
Monitoring and notification is a an essential tool to keep service and applications running with less unexpected outage. Monitoring tools comes with every dedicated server.
Friendly Technical Support
BinaryRacks technical support team is Friendly with customer service focused attitude, working around the clock to answer your questions and keep your server online. Our team can help you with all kinds of server related issues like software updates, security settings, firewall settings, and many more! Available 24 hours a day by live chat, telephone call or email.

Are you looking for a customised Hosting Solution?

We understand that not every hosting plan fits all. We can help convert your planed project into real efficient and budget friendly. Let us start informal conversation to find out what is your best options and how we can make it a reliable solution.

Let Us Help You Start your Hosting Business

At BinaryRacks we are committed to provide high performance and budget friendly hosting solutions. Simplicity, scalability and customer support are the key to reliable hosting provider. Talk with the us today to guide you through your journey.

Community Contributions

Startup Program
If you’re a new business less than 1 year old, we’ll host your Killer App, website or idea FOR A YEAR, let us know about your data hosting requirement and keep it for us.

We support OpenBSD, and FreeBSD open source Unix Operating System projects by providing free cloud hosting for developing and testing resources.

Charity Hosting

BinaryRacks giveaway free web hosting plans to help chariest publish their web site and start interacting with community online.

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