What is WordPress? And what are its advantages?

WordPress is an open source program that anyone can use for free to create a website or blog, or even to create a smartphone application. It is a program that you can download and set on your web hosting, and then it will give you a control panel or dashboard interface, through which you can control every element within your site. WordPress is the simplest and most popular way to create a website or blog.

Lots of websites were created through WordPress, and this makes it the most used tool and method for creating websites on the Internet.

WordPress is built on PHP and MYSQL databases.

With WordPress, you can easily edit your site and add images and texts easily through its control panel. This is because it offers you an existing content management system known as the Content Management System, which is called an “CMS”. It gives the user and the developer a control panel that allows him to edit and add to the content of the site or the blog, without the need to know any of the programming languages.

Advantages of choosing WordPress to create your website:

Use of WordPress themes:

One of the common advantages of using WordPress is the ease and smoothness of its template system, the template or theme is the external design of the site, so it comes with default templates, and there are thousands of ready-made templates that you can easily install on your site and choose from them what suits your site activity. Also, you can create your own template as you like and it will allow you to easily upload it to your site.

WordPress Dashboard:

WordPress provides an easy-to-use dashboard for everyone. It does not need any prior programming knowledge to deal with it. It allows the developer and user to manage the site and make the necessary updates to WordPress whenever required. You will not need every time you want to modify on your site to a programmer or web developer while you can directly do so.

Multilingual System:

WordPress offers more than 70 languages, not just English.

Compatibility with devices and search engines:

It is compatible with all display screens, whether you want to create an online store or something else, then WordPress is the best choice for you, It is also compatible with all search engines and this will increase the number of visitors to your site, and that is one of the reasons that make it a favorite among many.

Constant WordPress updates:

Many developers are always looking to add new features to WordPress as it is an open source system.

Effective circle of users:

Due to the widespread use of WordPress, if you want to learn anything about it, you will find a lot of resources and people who will answer your questions, there are many who share their WordPress experiences through numerous articles and videos on the Internet.

And because there is nothing without flaws, WordPress faces some challenges, the most important of which is security, as it is an open source and widely used, which makes it necessary to update plugins and follow update frequently.

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