Linux & Windows VPS Hosting

Virtual servers comes with Dedicated resources, get a set of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. You can upgrade your plan any time to meet your growing resource demands

What Comes with each VPS Hosting Plan?

Our VPS hosting services are designed to meet your data hosting requirements, scalability, performance, and budget friendly in mind. This means you get high end VPS hosting service at fraction of the price of a dedicated server

High Speed Network

VPS Hypervisors connected to multiply gigabit ethernet switches, each VPS comes with 1 Gbps port by default, that means a faster access to the internet backbone, and high response of your hosted applications.

Provision in 50 Seconds

Once you completed your order with use, a VPS provision takes less than 50 seconds. Thanks to high performance Xeon hosts and ultra fast SSD Storage Arrays.

Offsite Backups

Our Backup servers replicated between our data centres to insure that customer’s valuable data is secure in the event of a disaster, accidental error, or system crash.

Operating Systems and Pre-loaded Applications

Pre-made App Deployment

One-click deployment of a wide range of ready-to-use app environments


Deploy Apps
Install software like WordPress, Gitlab, OpenVPN and more in a few simple clicks.
Power Control
You're in control with power controls, reboots, rebuilds and more.
Terminal Access
Quick and convenient access to full VNC Terminal control via your web browser.
Automate Deployment
Deploy Linux and Windows VMs using standard deployment tools such as cloud-init.
Provision On-Demand
Create and destroy virtual machines on-demand using our self-service control panel and APIs.
Group servers into projects to help you stay organised and manage access.

WHY Choosing a Virtual Private Server or VPS?

BinaryRacks Virtual Private Servers are affordable hosting plans powered by KVM virtualization, and SSD Storage Arrays for best performance. It supports a wide range of guest operating systems templates including Centos, Debian and Ubuntu.

A complete control over your VPS with full root access via SSH along with your own dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. You can customize your Virtual Server according to your current needs and dynamically upgrade/downgrade RAM, CPU, and storage resources per demand.

Multiple Data Center Locations
BinaryRacks provides data hosting services at multiple data centre located at centralized points between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
Performance Virtualization
Many performance benefits come with KVM Virtualization platform, Less I/O latency and no proxy architecture helps users get more out of the OS. By utilizing only high-performance server components.
SSD Storage Arrays
Low latency, high-performance SSD storage arrays. Our high-performance storage servers loaded with SSD drives designed for applications with high IO throughput.
High Speed Data Lines
Our data centres are connected to the internet backbone via multiple high-speed fiber data lines to ensure high availability. Binary Racks team monitors the data center and network operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
Friendly Technical Support
BinaryRacks technical support team is Friendly with customer service focused attitude, working around the clock to answer your questions and keep your server online. Our team can help you with all kinds of server related issues like software updates, security settings, firewall settings, and many more! Available 24 hours a day by live chat, telephone call or email.

Virtual Private Server Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Private Servers FAQs answered by our experts, for more questions fee free to chat with our support team.

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

VPS Hosting  is a form of multi-tenant cloud hosting, virtualisation platform such as KVM manages server resources that gives end user total control over hpsting resources such as cpu cores, memory and  disk storage with greater security and stability at lower cost of operation.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

VPS service is reliable and secure by design, VPS makes it easy to scale up without interrupting functionality of the server. it is  as simple as upgrading your hosting plan.

Is VPS faster than shared hosting?

Yes, Thanks to the architecture of Virtualisation platforms, virtual private servers are more faster and secure than traditional shared web hosting.

How to manage VPS?

You can manage your Virtual Private Server via client area, you can start/stop/reboot your VPS, reinstall OS, upgrade or downgrade server resources. To access your VPS control panel login client area portal, and select a server to access management panel.

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