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Colocation Racks

Colocation Rack Space from 1 unit up to 42U or 46U full rack cabinet available at our data center in London. Remote hands and hardware installation service included with all plans.

UK based Data Centre Colocation Racks

At BinaryRacks, we believe that data hosting infrastructure is a critical job for any business. We take it very seriously when it comes to our customers’ valuable data and IT infrastructure.

Hosting your own IT equipment inside your premises comes with a lot of work and hassle, specially when it comes to routine maintenance, 24/7 service monitoring, operation cost, and security.

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Colocation Plans

Single Server
1 U
1U Colocation Rack Space
1 Outlet APC PDU
1 x 1Gb/s Network Port
1 Amps 230V A/B AC Circuit

€90.25 monthly

Double Height
2 U
2U Colocation Rack Space
2 Outlet APC PDU
1 x 1Gb/s Network Port

€142.50 monthly

4 U Rack Space
4 U
4U Colocation Rack Space
4 Outlet APC PDU
1 x 1Gb/s Network Port
2 Amps 230V A/B AC Circuit

€213.75 monthly

10 U
10U Colocation Rack Space
10 Outlet APC PDU
1 x 1Gb/s Network Port
5 Amps 230V A/B AC Circuit

€522.50 monthly

21 U
21U Colocation Rack Space
20 Outlet APC PDU
1 x 10Gb/s Network Ports
10 Amps 230V A/B AC Circuit
46 U
46U Colocation Rack Space
42 Outlet APC PDU
2 x 10Gb/s Network Ports
25 Amps 230V A/B AC Circuit

Time to Consider a Colocation Rack

When it comes to IT, colocation is a term that doesn’t have a clear-cut definition off the top of people’s heads. Colocation is generally when the physical servers of a company are placed in a third-party data centre. Ownership and server control traditionally remains with the client, of course. Infrastructure and rack space is what is basically rented out. The responsibility of managing the servers daily then falls under the facility, including cooling and power provisions. Maintenance and connectivity concerns on the basic level will also be addressed by them.
It should be noted that colocation isn’t available with every single data centre out there. After all, colocation services require more space than usual. Here are some ways to tell colocation data centres apart from private data centres:

Differences with Infrastructure

There’s a lot of customer needs out there, and colocation facilities are made to meet them. Infrastructure in those facilities is deliberately versatile for older legacy equipment to be incorporated alongside the latest technology’s high-density servers. Expertise matters as well, in order to make precise assessments of customer cooling, power and space requirements.

Differences with Remote Hands

One of the best ways to ensure that clients are confident in their decision to take on colocation is reassurance. This is best done by having constant remote hands services available at all times all year round who can provide on-site expert technicians as needed. A server going down at 2AM, for example, will be easily and swiftly addressed by colocation providers.

Differences with Site Monitoring

As previously mentioned, when it comes to colocation, the servers are still owned by their customers. This is why full transparency is crucial as well as visibility for asset monitoring. Real-time metrics on the likes of power usage and traffic as well as reports can help create better collaboration between the data centre and company or organisation.

Colocation Racks Features

Multiple Data Center Locations
BinaryRacks provides data hosting services at multiple data centre located at centralized points between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
Remote Hands
Binary Racks Data Center provides 24/7 Remote Hands.
Our goal is to provide the same or even greater provision than if you were using your own staff. Free remote hands provided with all colocation packages.
Guaranteed Uptime
Guaranteed 99.99% service uptime. Binary Racks Data Centres rely on our built-in redundancy for power, cooling, physical security, and network connectivity.
Migration Assistance
We understand that moving your equipment to a new colocation facility can be a complex and sometimes daunting task.
That’s why we offer free migration assistance to all customers moving their equipment to Binary Racks Data centres.
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