We believe in you
Business startups can receive cloud hosting for 1 year

Cloud Hosting For Startups

Are you a Startup that needs hosting?

If you’re a new business less than 1 year old, we’ll host your Killer App, website or idea FREE HOSTING FOR A YEAR

We’ll even scale your solution, supporting you no matter how big you get.


We want you to succeed.

12 years ago we started out in business with just few pounds and a dream.

We believe business is about more than just profit, and that successful companies have a responsibility to put back in to their communities. So here we are, hoping to promote and support grass-roots entrepreneurship.

Of course we hope that when you succeed you’ll remember our leg up and we’ll have formed a life-long relationship, but that’s just a bonus. It’s the trying that counts.

Schedule a meeting with our team, we like to talk with you!

  • You must be a registered company within the last year. (if you’re about to register please contact us)
  • Member of an incubator, accelerator, or Venture Capital Program.
  • There’s a £‎1 setup fee. (this is charged to allow us to validate your identity and prevent fraud).
  • Your account will be assigned a Cloud Business Hosting plan by default – worth £‎1000 /year.
  • You’ll need to link to us on your site. (and any social media activity you can generate would be warmly received!)
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