Web hosting your business you're doing it wrong

Web hosting your business you're doing it wrong


Web hosting your business myths explained below, to make sure you’re doing it right.

Not all business are blessed by having their target audience in locations where there are a lot of hosting providers, what if your customers are in rural maybe “exotic” location? Worry no more we’ve got you covered in many locations including Turkey and Egypt as well as United Kingdom, not only that but we do offer support in these languages as well.

So if you’d like to improve your SEO ranking by having your content hosted nearby your potential/current customers at BinaryRacks we would help you achieve that, also our world class support speaks your language so you don’t have to worry about any translations to express any kind of problem or a request to our representative.


All of this on one of the fastest solidly redundant networks where we guarantee the least disruption to your services you offer to your customers.

Web hosting your business is not only a question of budget, but also UX and sales matter, imagine your customer waiting to load your content to finish his purchase or to get the information they need and they can’t due to the speed of your server or because you weren’t listed in their search results!

On this article from the well known Cloud Flare, it explains how your website speed optimization affect your conversion rate from visits to sales.

Whether you’re growing and in need of some cloud/virtual server or going bare metal or bringing your own hardware to us we will guarantee all the above mentioned points to help your business grow!

Explore our offers at:
1- Cloud hosting
2- Budget friendly dedicated servers
3- Colocation services

Test our speed from each location at:
1- UK speed test
2- Turkey speed test

Got more questions? We love answering queries at BinaryRack support get in touch with us here or give us a call at:

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